Changing Cambodia 2017-2018


From year to year, the skills have developed, the work has gotten harder and harder, the focus has been set. The passion has been discovered and looking forward to developing.

The education and the skill that has developed is being spread around Cambodia. Cambodia has changed rapidly during this 21st century because Cambodia allows different organizations and school to work in the country.    

   The quality of education has been developed to the next level and the lack of  education is being solved. Cambodian people are happy in what Liger Leadership Academy does to make positive change. Throughout the year I’ve learned to be a better communicator by going out to the community to spread awareness and educate other. Also the way that I distribute the different kind of learning style is by observing which way is better for people to learn and understand faster. I’ve taught people about the White Building, the problem about Rabies and the need for computer lab implementation in government school.

There is a need to educate people about the meaning of the White Building in Phnom Penh because there was a bad reputation about the building. The historical scene has been demolished but the amazing memory will never disappear. The happiness has gone and the place that everyone like is destroyed. Some residents are happy because they want to find a new home but some aren’t happy because they can’t forget the memory that were made there. The mindset of outside people was always negative about the building where they usually think that it was a place for drug, prostitution, poverty, and filth. Actually is was a place that happiness begins and a place that provided education. Our team created an event near the building to show many projects that we have done and let people remember this amazing building. We also interviewed the Liger students that were in the exploration  to see what they think about the demolishing of the building.

    Education about the White Building is important but Cambodia also face a problem about rabies. 810 people died from rabies in 2009 alone and it could be less than that if they were educated well enough about the problem.Dog population in Cambodia is one-third of the population of people and 50% of the dogs have rabies which is so scary. In order to solve this problem we need to figure out why there are a lot people that die from rabies, so we must provided education in order to help solve the problem. Also some people can’t afford to vaccinate the dog and themselves so they have a higher of having rabies. So my group works with an organization in Phnom Penh and when to Mondulkiri to do vaccination and educate people more about rabies. The result was positive where a lot of dogs got vaccinated and people understood a lot more about the problem. We also worked with Animal Rescue Cambodia to vaccinate the dogs in the village near Liger. In total we vaccinated about 170 dogs and this time our students were also vaccinated.

    The problem about rabies is important but the development of Cambodian economy is the priority. As Cambodia develops there are more investors who are  trying to invest in our country so English is needed to communicate. So my exploration figures out that we need to find a way that student can study English. So our group written a grant to Susan Mckinnon and asked them can they give us some grant to install computer lab in the two different secondary government schools. Also we recorded some videos to teach about some programs for designing and creating stuff. After finishing all the courses it will help them with their language and communication. Also I hope that it can help them in the future and help to change Cambodia.

    The projects that I’ve done so far has impact and developing my country, especially it related to education. If people receive an education, they will develop their country faster and faster because people have abilities to do things. Soon Cambodia will be a better place because most of the people have the knowledge and can communicate with the foreign investor to invest in our country. Cambodia will be a better country real soon if we work together and help to solve the problems by educating each other.


Khmer Model United Nations

On the May 23rd, 2018 my school hosted an event that we discuss the problem in the world and each of us needs to represent a country. The event calls Khmer Model United Nations where this the first time for me and also first time happening in Cambodia. The discussion when very well where all the delegate involves also help to solve the world problem. Also, this event helps us to practice a formal meeting in Khmer which we don’t usually do and by the way, I represent Laos for this meeting. Laos is a developing country where we also need donation and support from other countries. I hope that there is more event happening like this because I can practice more Khmer technical word and discuss the world problem.

Khmer New Year short story writing

For our literacy class, we suppose to take a real story of our holiday and turn it into a short story. For the short story we can make it fiction or nonfiction but for mind, I make it non-fiction.

During Khmer New Year, there is an event call Songkran which a lot of people attended that event and this event last for three days. The last night of the event I visited the event after coming back from Koh Kong and it was very fun. When I arrived I just run into the group of people and start dancing with my relative and when I dance people all way stared at my face because I don’t live there also how I look it so different from them. When I dance there is a man at the back of me whom I know and put his hand on my shoulder which I felt weird so I start moving forward but he still follows me which I think he is trying to steal my neckless which my mom just give me. Then I start moving to the place that my relative dance but he still follows and put the hand on my shoulder which the hand moving up more and more. After that, I just run out of the group to find my parent so he wouldn’t follow me anymore then after a wild I saw his face again which scared me. Then we decided to leave the event then we got to the car which I still think about him in my head and everywhere I go I can’t stop thinking about him. For the last few days of the holiday, I don’t really go out of the house because I don’t want to meet him again.

This story gets inspiration from the day that I visit the Songkran also from people telling me that should be careful when you go to the big event because you might lose stuff there. Also, this a true story which is happening everywhere when there is a big event happening

Filming Opportunity in Battambang

On the 25th of March, My team was leaving to Battambang for a music video shoot. For my team, we have 4 members including me where we have a mission to plan and shoot some shot for an organization there. The organization that we are shooting is PHAR PONLEU SELPAK by the way we are also working with Human Agency company to shoot the music video. How we got this opportunity is by one of the members of the company visited our school and want to work with us. This mission is a week where our team needs to plan for the shoot and also shoot some scene. This mission went really well where we did our job and also learn a lot of things related to film. This is a really important mission for me because it my interest and it can help me to get into university.



Rabies Vaccination in Phnom Penh

On the 8th of February, My exploration organizes and rabies vaccination campaign in Phnom Penh. For this campaign, it was a successful one because we vaccinated about 167 dogs and cats. For this mission, we didn’t do surgery because we are focusing on vaccination more because in Phnom Penh dog are everywhere so it better to do vaccination. This event was organized in two different pagoda where the pagoda has a lot more people that bring their dog but the second pagoda didn’t go well where so little people bring their dog. When their not a lot of people come to the event we thinking of going to one of the villager house and do the vaccination because of it closer to the villager so it easy for them to bring the dog.


Rabies Vaccination at Mondulkiri

On the 19th- 22 of January, My exploration went on a trip to Mondulkiri to do a mission about Rabie Vaccination. In that trip, our exploration does many dogs and cat vaccination for the animal we also did spay and castrated. This mission is to help the villager their to understand more about Rabies and also to do all of this for free to the villager there. This is the first that I have help animal with Rabie and also to help the villager to understand more about Rabie. For this mission, we are working with PPAWS to accomplish this goal where their a lot of people come. This is the first time that we do the project their so it very new to them but still accomplish our goal.




Khmer Poem (Mom)

So this poem I write for my mom because she a really important person to me. This poem is also my favorite poem and this is the first that I ever have done. 


ខ្យល់បក់ល្វើយៗខ្ញុំនឹកម្តាយ      កូនពិតជាស្តាយអនុស្សា

នៅចាំពេលម៉ែថែរក្សា     ម៉ែដូចទេវតាចាំថែធួន។


កូននៅតែចាំរាល់ទង្វើ   ដែលម៉ែបានមើលថែរូបស្ងួន

ម៉ែមិនមាន អំនួតអំនួន    ម៉ែបានរៀបក្បួនឱ្យសិក្សា។


ពេលកូនធ្វើធំកុំភ្លិចកំណើត   កន្លែងបង្កើតរូបកូនណា

កន្លែងបីបាច់ថែរក្សា    កន្លែងដូចទេវតានៅអីចឹង។


កន្លែងនេះគ្មានពីរលើលោក   ពេលកូនកើតមកគេចូលចិត្ត

កន្លែងមួយនេះតែងមានមិត្ត   ដូចជានិមិត្តមួយដ៏ធ្ងន់។


កូនពិតជាអរគុណអ្នកម្តាយ   មិនមានអ្វីថ្វាយពីអរគុណ

កូនតែងតែនឹកម៉ែដូចមុន   ម៉ែសែនទន់ភ្លន់សំរាប់កូន


ជាចុងក្រោយនេះសូមសន្យា   មិនភ្លិចប្រាថ្នាម៉ែនោះឡើយ

នៅចាំពាក្យម៉ែធ្លាប់តបឆ្លើយ   កុំភ្លិចម៉ែឡើយណាកូនណា។


White Building Presentation at Meta House

On the 9 of November,  My exploration has an event at Meta house that show the product that we made during the exploration.  In our exploration, their are 9 people and each of us has different outcome to show. At the event, I show a video that I made which is about the student perspective because in the main documentary it mostly based on the history and people involves in the situation.  The video turned out really good because everyone has a different perspective.  Also for this exploration, I got to extend my skills more on film-making because I want to be a filmmaker as my future.

Football Goalkeeper Training

On weekend I have a coaching class where I teach 4 students who are the goalkeeper.  I have taught them over one year already and I can see their skill is improving. I mostly taught the situation in the game like crossing and corner kick. The four goalkeeper are from the Junior team and when there a game it hard for me to choose one goalkeeper because all of them are equal. By teaching them is a thing that Liger want use to do like stewardship. I said stewardship because I learn this skills from other and I share to other also there are Junior so I need be role module for them.


Narrative Essay

So the last class for the essential is Literacy which is from 11 am to 12 pm. Also in this class, we are studying with a new teacher. We have a lot of new subjects based on writing. We have done many projects and one of them is Narrative Essay which we write our personal story and for me, I write about my future.  This class teaches me a lot how to be a better writer and also to reflect back to our past.