Khmer New Year short story writing

For our literacy class, we suppose to take a real story of our holiday and turn it into a short story. For the short story we can make it fiction or nonfiction but for mind, I make it non-fiction.

During Khmer New Year, there is an event call Songkran which a lot of people attended that event and this event last for three days. The last night of the event I visited the event after coming back from Koh Kong and it was very fun. When I arrived I just run into the group of people and start dancing with my relative and when I dance people all way stared at my face because I don’t live there also how I look it so different from them. When I dance there is a man at the back of me whom I know and put his hand on my shoulder which I felt weird so I start moving forward but he still follows me which I think he is trying to steal my neckless which my mom just give me. Then I start moving to the place that my relative dance but he still follows and put the hand on my shoulder which the hand moving up more and more. After that, I just run out of the group to find my parent so he wouldn’t follow me anymore then after a wild I saw his face again which scared me. Then we decided to leave the event then we got to the car which I still think about him in my head and everywhere I go I can’t stop thinking about him. For the last few days of the holiday, I don’t really go out of the house because I don’t want to meet him again.

This story gets inspiration from the day that I visit the Songkran also from people telling me that should be careful when you go to the big event because you might lose stuff there. Also, this a true story which is happening everywhere when there is a big event happening

Filming Opportunity in Battambang

On the 25th of March, My team was leaving to Battambang for a music video shoot. For my team, we have 4 members including me where we have a mission to plan and shoot some shot for an organization there. The organization that we are shooting is PHAR PONLEU SELPAK by the way we are also working with Human Agency company to shoot the music video. How we got this opportunity is by one of the members of the company visited our school and want to work with us. This mission is a week where our team needs to plan for the shoot and also shoot some scene. This mission went really well where we did our job and also learn a lot of things related to film. This is a really important mission for me because it my interest and it can help me to get into university.