Writing story to educate peer- Traveling Theater

For this exploration, we will go down to many provinces and perform educational movie to them.  So for this round, we start to write the story which we are going to act for villager in the province.  So for my team, we wrote a story about peer which they’re having conflict with each other.


Scene 1

A and B is chilling at a coffee shop or somewhere

B is on her phone scrolling through facebook…she found C randomly and playfully show it to A

A would jokingly say random stuff about it


Later that night, B adds friend request to C

C accepted, and they start chatting (B starts first)


A few weeks later, C asked B out

Later, B introduced C to A

Now, A knows C

A and B sat down in a coffee and start ordering drinks

A: Can I have cappuccino, please

B: I’ll have latte


A: Oh my god, I couldn’t understand today’s lesson at all

B: Yeah me too, I mean like how much of those we’ll be using in real life ugh

A: But still, stay in school

B: yeah I know, I know madam


The waiter: Here are your drinks, miss!


A, B: Thank you

They don’t talk for a moment, busy scrolling through their phones

Something caught a surprise in B while scrolling through Facebook

B: Oh my god, look! Look at this guy..!

A: Jesus, this is so you…yeah I mean he’s kinda hot

B: I know right!!!

A: Hey, by the way, you want to come over to my home on Friday? I’m cooking a big meal and we can review our lessons for Monday’s test.

B: Sounds good, be there!

A few moments later

A: Alright, I think we gotta go home, it’s getting dark

B: ok ok



B adds friend request to C

C instantly accepts

Later on that night, they keep texting and texting and texting…

*the chatting*

B: Hi

C: Hi 🙂

B: How are you?

C: I’m good, and you?

B: Pretty good, thanks

C: Do you go to Royal University?

B: Um no, a different one

C: Oh so, we’re not in the same neighborhood

C: Should we meet up?

B: I guess so when will work for you?

C: This week’s Friday? I’ll wait for you at the central park

B: Sure, see ya

C: Alright 😉


Scene 2

C is waiting for B at the park

C: Oh hey hi

B: Hello

C: So, where do you want to go?

B: I don’t know, up to you

C: Ok, how about that restaurant right by that corner?

B: Alright, let’s go


They walk toward the restaurant, find a seat, and start ordering

B: You been here right?

C: Yes, many times with my friends

B: So, I guess you should order the food, I have no preference

C: Nice, alright

Food then arrived

They then start having some conversation

C: So, which school do you go to?

B: Phnom Penh university

C: Umm that school

C: So, are you a single child?

B: I have a little sister

C: Any best friends?

B: Yeah I have one, Her name is A, she’s really nice

C: How long have you know her?

B: I don’t know like forever…

B: I can introduce you to her soon

C: ok cool, how’s the food

B: oh yeah fantastic

C: You know we can go out more often

B: yeah of course

Some laughter then the eating scene ends

Light off, B would walk across the stage holding phone chatting with C

Lights off, B and C hug each other

Lights off, then B and C are sitting to each other talking

While they were talking:


B starts to get more and more obsessed with C

A’s mom dies, B did not go to A’s mom funeral and is not there to comfort her

B starts skipping school…losing touch with A


Scene 3

A runs into C doing his drug dealing

A is walking quietly to get closer, she drops her phone, and C noticed

C abruptly comes toward A and C ask what are you doing here?

Then he says a few threatening sentences

Then C pulls out a knife and threatens A

A then leaves in shook and can’t get it off her mind and keep thinking about B

A is worried about B involving C problem


Scene 4

A wants to confront B what she has seen but B is mad at A

B and A friendship start to separate more and more as B is obsessed with C


Scene 5

A and B have this hard talk with each other

Over time, B starts to know the erratic behavior of C and knows the secret

B talk to C and said that we should break up because it seems like that it will work for us

C doesn’t care about all of this and continue to live his happy life

B Start regretting  to what she has done wrong because she doesn’t listen to what A has told her

Scene 6

B comes back to A for the misunderstanding

A genuinely accept her and that’s the end

C finally arrested and end up in jail for many years

Liger Edge

One of the coolest explorations that I will do this year is the Liger Edge and it our school newspaper website. For the first round, we start to build the website and divide the job also start writing some article. For me, the role in this exploration is Editor of worth a thousand words picture, web designer and the head of the sports category.  Also, I am the photographer for this exploration and the reason I join this exploration because I want to extend my skill in writing also in Photography. 


An Unusual and Exhausted Soccer Game

On the 9th of September Liger’s boy’s football team took on a game with a provincial team, Kandal U-17. This team is the representative for the province, and has attended the national game and many other national competitions. The match started at 8:00 am and they won with the score of  4 to 2.


The starting eleven players for our team were Menghuoth as the goalkeeper, Puthea, Seyha, Samnang, Somphors as the defenders, Rathanak, Panharith as the two midfielders and Vitou, Ketya, Davith, Lux, the four forwards. Even though our team lost,  we were satisfied with the score because we had only 13 players. Some of the players were injured and for some players, it was their first debut for the team. Right at the start of the game, our player Ketya scored a marvelous goal which was his first goal for the season and for the team. That goal was scored with an amazing pass from our midfielder Panharith. Unfortunately as the game goes on our formation started to break apart because everyone was tired. Also, Panharith received a red card during the second half. As the second half began, our defender didn’t do that well and we conceded four goals which was the reason we lost. As the game came to an end, Vitou, with the remarkable cross from Rathanak, scored a last second goal of the game.  

Our team could have done a lot better during the game if we were to have a lot more players and training regularly with our coach. Also, our team had never played that early and it is hard for our players to adapt, the other things are that our players needs to show more effort in playing and understand more about each other more during the game.




ការប្រកួតយ៉ាងលំបាក និងតឹងតែងរបស់សាលាឡៃហ្គ័រ


នៅថ្ងៃទី៩ ខែកញ្ញា ក្រុមបាល់ទាត់អាយុក្រោម១៦របស់កីឡាករនៃឡៃហ្គ័របានប្រកួតជាមួយអ្នក

ខេត្តកណ្តាលអាយុក្រោម  ១៧ ដែលជាក្រុមប្រកួតជាតិ នៅក្នុងកីឡាដ្ឋាននៃខេត្តកណ្តាល ។ ការប្រកួតបានចាប់ផ្តើមនៅម៉ោង៨ ព្រឹក រហូតដល់ ១០  ព្រឹក ដែលជាលទ្ធផលនោះ គឺក្រុម

យើងត្រូវបានចាញ់ ៤ទល់២ ។


ការប្រកួតនោះអ្នកគឺមានកីឡាករ១១នាក់សម្រាប់ក្រុមនីមួយៗ  ដែលកីឡាករក្រុមរបស់់យើង គឺមាន ម៉េងហួត ដែលតួនាទីជាអ្នកចាំទី រីឯសម្រាប់ការពារវិញនោះគឺពុទ្ធា សីហា សំណាង និងសម្ភស្ស រួមជាមួយខ្សែបម្រើសំខាន់ៗ ពីរនាក់ទៀតនោះគឺ រតនៈ បញ្ញារិទ្ធនិងខ្សែប្រយុុទ្ធបួននាក់ ដែល

មានវិទូ កិត្យា ដាវីត និងលុច។ ទោះបីជាក្រុមរបស់យើងមិ នបានទទួលបាននូវជ័យជំនះក៏ដោយ យើងបានទទួលពិន្ទុច្រើនដោយព្រោះតែនៅពេលនោះ ក្រុមរបស់យើងមានអ្នកលេងត្រឹមតែ១៣នាក់

អ្នកប៉ុណ្ណោះ ដោយខ្លះរងរបួស ហើយខ្លះទៀតជាការប្រកួតដំបូងសម្រាប់ពួកគាត់នូវរដូវកាលនេះ។ នៅពេលចាប់ផ្តើមនៃការប្រកួត កីឡាកររបស់យើង កិត្យា ស៊ុតបញ្ចូលទីនឹងគ្រាប់បាល់ដ៏អស្ចារ្យ

ដែលជាគ្រាប់បាល់ដំបូងរបស់គាត់សម្រាប់រដូវកាលនេះ និងគ្រាប់បាល់នោះបានកើតឡើង

ដោយខ្សែបម្រើដ៏អស្ចារ្យម្នាក់ដែលមានឈ្មោះថា បញ្ញារិទ្ធិ ។ គាត់បានសម្លឹងឃើញកិត្យា

គ្មានខ្សែការពារមករារាំង បញ្ញារិទ្ធិ ក៏បានប៉ាស់បាល់យ៉ាងស្អាតទៅកិត្យា។


ខណៈដែលការប្រកួតនៅលើទីលានបានបន្ត កីឡាកររបស់យើងចាប់ផ្តើមបំបែកទម្រង់ ដោយសារ

តែអ្នករាល់គ្នាចាប់ផ្តើបអស់កំលាំង ហើយនៅពាក់កណ្តាលតង់ទី២ បញ្ញារិទ្ធិបានទទួលកាតក្រហម

ថែមទៀត ដែលធ្វើឲ្យយើងកាន់តែពិបាក ។ ខណៈពេលដែលតង់ទី២បានចាប់ផ្តើម ខ្សែការពារ

របស់យើងធ្វើមិនបានល្អសោះដែលបានបណ្តោយឱ្យរបូតគ្រាប់បាល់ ៤ គ្រាប់ ដែលជាហេតុផលធ្វើ

ឲ្យយើងចាញ់កីឡាករខេត្តកណ្តាល។ នៅពេលការប្រកួតជិតបញ្ចប់ កីឡាកររបស់យើងរកគ្រាប់បាល់

មួយទៀតដែលជាគ្រាប់ចុងក្រោយនៃការប្រកួត ហើយគ្រាប់បាល់នោះត្រូវបានស៊ុតបញ្ចូលដោយ វិទូ ដែលកើតឡើងដោយការប៉ាស់ពី កីឡាករ រតនៈ។

សម្រាប់ការប្រកួតមួយនេះ កីឡាករបស់យើងបានធ្វើយ៉ាងល្អបំផុតហើយ បើទោះបីជាយើងមិនបាន

ទទួលការបណ្ដុះបណ្ដាលទៀងទាត់អំពីគ្រូបង្វឹកក៏ដោយចុះ។ មួយថ្ងៃមុនការប្រកួត កីឡាកររបស់



Mekong Cup Event

For this round, I’ve been an event called the Mekong which a frisbee tournament and it will happen in Cambodia for this year. The Mekong Cup, In the help of developing youth and the sport that call Ultimate Frisbee. This event will be held on 20,21 of October 2018 in Phnom Penh. In our team, we divide our jobs and like on financial, prizes and finding hotel for the player that is coming from other countries. It amazing to see what work need to put in to organize an event big event like this especially this is my first time organizing a big like this. I hope to see the event run smoothly on that day also I hope to organize more event like this.

White Building exploration

On August the 14 of 2017, I started my new exploration that calls the White Building, and this exploration led by Jeff. In the exploration I learn the history of the building and look at people perspective on the building, also we need to do many projects that connect to the building. This exploration lasted seven weeks, and a team of nine people. For our group, we have accomplished a lot of projects and am mostly a part of most of the project and I have made one video that shows the students perspective on the building also what they learn. This exploration teaches me a lot of things that I should know about development and one of it that development is not always good because everything has pros and cons.



Cambodia Dynamite Business

For my exploration now is about making chili sauce business. In our group we have four different jobs are Product development team, Advertising,outreach team and financial planning group. My jobs is about advertising and our main goal is to let know our chili sauce and we have create Facebook page. For the whole seven weeks of participating in the entrepreneurship class, my advertising team have done a lot of work. Some of the work are going really well and some are not. Our team have created a Facebook page to generate content to interact with people and the name of our page is Cambodian Dynamite. In the Facebook page we are posting a lot of things such as descriptions, videos and photos. First our page isn’t published yet, but after a while we publish our page and we invite people to like and see our page. To add on, we also worked on the label. We communicate with Margaret from CBX to edit our label to make a good as possible. We emailed them many times to inform them the changes we need them to make. We also created a poster to share out to people to advertise our chili sauce. We used a program online that’s called Canva. In our exploration we played a game to learn about investing in different companies and stocks around the world. We play this game because it teach us how to invest in stock and how we organize our money. We play this game we not spend the real money our teacher just give a number of money and we can buy any company stock we want. Our teacher give us a number of $10000 for everyone . We have play this game for 2 weeks and some people lost some money and gaining some money. The game will finish by this Thursday for that gain the most money is winning prize from our teacher. For me I have invested in four companies: Canon, Toyota, Audi and Gap and for two weeks I have lost $142.2 and just today I have sell all my Audi stock because it just about $400 and that why I sell all of it. The other three company it go up but for all Canon it go up $1.56.The money that I have from selling Audi stock I bought 11 share of Adidas stock and for per share is 128.92$.



This is my investing stock game table.
This is my investing stock game table.

Cambodia Economy Book

Our group was writing the book for kids in Cambodia to read.In our group have nine people and one mentor. In our book we have a lot of sector and am one of the author of the book.In the book have Khmer and English. Liger student have been to trip to help us to research about books. In the book I have write about palm sugar and my other job to find a way that we can get the money to publish the book and find a company to print a book. One fact that I want to share is that Kompong Spue province have the most palm sugar in Cambodia.We have a guy to help us to edit the layout of the book and he from Chicago.We have give the book to Minister and Ministry of education have distribute 1000 to the government school in Cambodia.

His Excellency, Dr. Hang Chuon Naron , Minister of Education, Youth and Sport giving the book to me.
His Excellency, Dr. Hang Chuon Naron , Minister of Education, Youth and Sport giving the book to me.
Authors of the book with Staff and His Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport
Authors of the book with Staff and His Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport

Hidden Voice

Hi! welcome to Hidden Voice exploration. In our group we learn a old song and research who sing and what it mean about that song. it very to find the khmer old sog.Our group go on mission to find the song and we go to Phnom Penh, Kompong Spue, Mondulkiri. Can you think khmer old song and now song wich one is popular than. Khmer old singer mostly died because of khmer rough. Our group have interview a lot of people on phone and interview real. When the end of our exploration we have sharation and that time we get to share a lot of information to a lot of people.

Tourism in Cambodia

Exploration Name: Tourism in Cambodia
Student Proposal Writers: Leap,Samnang H,Puthea,Kanha
Number of Students you want in your Final Exploration: 4
Topic: Tourism in Cambodia
Subject Area
ex: math, tech, science, art, community-building, literacy, history, geography:

Summarize the goals of your exploration.
In this Exploration, we hope that we can…
In this exploration, we hope that we can create a website about ecotourism place in Cambodia.

What do you hope to do and learn?
Some of the big activities that we want to do are…
Some of the topics that we want to learn more about are…
Some of the big activities that we want to do are creating the website.
Some of the topics that we want to learn more about is where are ecotourism place in Cambodia that tourism can visit.

What are some BIG questions that your exploration would answer?
Where are ecotourism place in Cambodia that tourism can visit?
Why don’t people in Cambodia show the place that the tourist can visit?

How would your exploration help to change Cambodia?
Get people thinking about change? How?
Modeling change to others? How?
Advertising change? How?
Making a change? How?
1. Our exploration can help to change Cambodia by bringing more tourism to visit our country and Cambodian people can get more money to help their family. Also they can get a job by being the guide of the tourism. Cambodia people can learn the international language the people all around the world use.

What resources do you need to complete this exploration?
human – support from teachers, experts, facilitators, etc.
technology – computers, video cameras, cameras, tablets, robotics materials, etc.
knowledge – do you need to have a skill that you don’t know how to do yet?
example: how to edit audio; how to make a lesson plan; how to use a software program; how to make professional phone calls; how to network with local businesses
physical – paper, paint, fabric, poster board, wood, etc.

The resources that we need to complete this exploration

Are you planning any off-campus trips?
If yes, why? What is the benefit to your exploration/learning?
How long will it be?
kompong spue – 1 day
Kompong Thom – 2 day
We want to go there because we can interview people at there and ask them a question about ecotourism place.

Do you have a mentor/expert who could help you?

Yes.. but we don’t know who yet

Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology

Exploration Name: Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology (Eco 4)

Date: August 13 – October 03

Number of student: 12


Essential Questions:

  1. How are organisms and the non-living environment interconnected in the world around us?
  2. What is the value of TROPICAL FOREST for Cambodia?
  3. How do humans IMPACT tropical ecosystems in Cambodia?
  4. How can we use our knowledge about ECOLOGY to help improve Cambodia?



Kong Kong ( 1 week)

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center  (1 day)



In Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology we studied about the Ecosystems in Cambodia and all around the world. We also learned about the many Ecological Relationships in  ecosystems.


In this exploration we want to change Cambodia by giving Cambodian people the knowledge about the forest and the animals in Cambodia from our experience. We also want to protect the animals in Cambodia from the hunter also to help save the endangered animals.


Our exploration took a trip to Koh Kong to learn more about forest in Koh Kong. When we were there we went into the forest and we slept at the campsite.On our trip we walked in the forest, swam at the waterfall and slept in the forest. We also went to Mangrove forest and then we came back to Liger. We also took a trip to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center to learn about the siamese crocodile and the moon bear and sun bear. At there we met a lot of people from Free The Bears and Flora Fauna International and they taught us about the animals in the zoo.


In the classroom we learned a lot of things and we worked on projects in small groups.   Our projects were about Ecological Relationships, different biomes around the world, Food Web in Koh Kong, Makey Makey Project, and Science Museum Blog. Our highlights are to understand how important the plants and animal are. Also to know about different organizations that help the animals and to understand clearly about their goal and how can they help Cambodia.

When I learn how to row the boat at Koh Kong
IMG_4247 (1024x683)
All the people in our group

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Community English Description

Exploration Name: Community English

Exploration Dates: August 12th-September 16th

Number of Students: 12

Essential Questions: Is there a best way to teach and learn?

How does knowing English effect change?

Description: Our first opening Exploration was Community English. In Community English we learned how to prepare and teach lessons to other people. But before we taught we needed to find the people who want to learn with us. To find the students we went into the community. After we knew clearly who wanted to come and learn at Liger, we gave the permission to their parents. So all of their parents can trust us. Then they let their child come and learn at Liger.

After we knew exactly who would come to learn, we prepared the lesson for them. When we went to the community to find them we also asked them what do they want to learn and that’s how we can prepare the lesson. When we finished planning the lesson we practiced before teaching students. We practiced with each other in our class. Even if we practiced with each other it does not mean that we are expert or good at it. So we had a trip to two schools. The schools are Northbridge and ICAN. At ICAN we met with one woman named Kate. Kate and Jessica prepared the schedule for us and some ICAN students to tour us around. We went there because we wanted to get experiences from the teachers at their school. Two to three days after that we went to Northbridge. At the end of the Exploration we asked some of the students how they felt and what did they think about our teaching (if its good or not). We gave them the lessons for free.