Practicing heart of Algebra

In my math class, we have a task to do which is to complete all of the section in the heart of Algebra and the reason we do that because to get prepare for the SAT. By doing all of the section we will get a grade for our grade book but is mostly to give chance to the student to practice and get ready for the upcoming SAT. Also, the heart of Algebra is a core section for the next topic that we are going to learn and it Algebra 2. By practicing those skill we will be more prepared to learn the next topic and also to studied what in the SAT so that we can be ready for anything that comes up on the test.  



Football Goalkeeper Training

On weekend I have a coaching class where I teach 4 students who are the goalkeeper.  I have taught them over one year already and I can see their skill is improving. I mostly taught the situation in the game like crossing and corner kick. The four goalkeeper are from the Junior team and when there a game it hard for me to choose one goalkeeper because all of them are equal. By teaching them is a thing that Liger want use to do like stewardship. I said stewardship because I learn this skills from other and I share to other also there are Junior so I need be role module for them.


Photoshoot with Liger boy football team

So we just got a new Liger sport jersey so I have an idea of shooting photo with Liger boy football team and show it at assembly. I spend a lot of time to shoot photo and and I have to select the first eleven player and the top five player for other photo. The photo-shoot with the boy when really well and we have take a lot of good photo. For the photo-shoot we take it at our sport court and inside the studio and our studio is our bedroom we take the bed away and take the photo.









Goalkeeper training on the weekend with Meng Houth and Panharith

On weekend mostly I train goalkeeping with my two friend. The friend that teach me one of them is a goalkeeper and other one is a defender. When I train copy the style that England goalkeeper training and train like them both of them train me really good. Now my skill of goalkeeper is changing from scratch to a person that know how to do goalkeeper. I forget to tell you that before I was a defender but I change my mind to do goalkeeper because now my height is growing a lot and my height is good enough to do goalkeeper.

Image result for england goalkeepers training


Image result for england goalkeepers training

Making Liger look back video

I have made a video that shows what we do from year 1 to year 5 and the difference of the student. I make this video with Sreyneang L it took us about 4 days to make it. We make this and share at assembly because we want every to remember the past and having fun before we have a small break. When we show at assembly every one was laughing so hard and enjoy watching the video.

Singing Class

Every Wednesday we have a singing class and we learn how to sing it from Trish and she have teach us a lot of song. We have perform it to our parent and board. Singing is our curriculum and what I like about this class that we get to learn new song and having fun with no stress any more.


Coding My own Site

I have code my own website and I have work on it about two weeks. I learn coding from my expertise class,my friend and online. This site is about skateboarding business. I want to start this website because Cambodia not a lot of skateboarder and not a lot of skateboard shop.



Skateboard Project

I have work on a project that making skateboard. It took me to made it about 4-5 weeks the skate board and my skateboard was design different from other skateboard. The skateboard that I make the painting was Barcelona logo and am the one that trace the picture and my friend Venghour help to paint the picture. I was making two skateboard one for my younger brother and it Real Madrid logo and other one is my skateboard. I learn how to ride skate board from Jan he is my teacher and for the first I don’t know how to ride but now I can ride it so fun.