Khmer Literature and Culture Festival

Khmer Literature and Culture Festival is a new festival that is being organized by Liger student.  The event is happening on the 24th of May, 2019 and it will be held at Liger Campus. This festival will act as a medium to bring together people from various places: schools, NGOs, universities and so on, to connect and interact and ultimately preserve Cambodian literature and culture. Within this event, we aim to spread awareness and exchange ideas relating to social issues such as gender equity, climate change, women in STEM, and lastly to empower other youth to take on leadership roles through various activities offered by our students.


The student has put a lot of effort in organizing this event, both cohorts of Liger student is involving in organizing it but the senior spend more time organizing the event. Also, we have a committee which that team spends a lot more time than others in organizing the event. The other student mostly focuses on presenting the booth and other activities like poem competition.


The committee team includes 7 people from the first cohort of Liger. We have met regularly to do all the planning, giving work to other students, contacting people, schedule and budget. The committee spends a lot of time working on the budget in planning out the money that needs for the event. Also, the committee and other student help to find a sponsor for the event, which to help reduce Liger budget for the event and our team did it, we get a sponsor from US Embassy, The Plantation Hotel, and Soursdey Cambodia.


There will be a lot of activity happening that day like performance which will be a showcase of many performances including Khmer Dance, Cambodia Fashion Revolution and educational performance. Also, there will be competition for a short story, poem and especially we will have special guest which they will be talking about several topics related to Khmer Literature and others. The special guests are well known Cambodian author, Literature teacher and Literature activist.

Throughout in organizing this event, everyone learns a lot of new things especially the committee team, the team a lot in managing the budget and all those small details of organizing an event. Each step in organizing the event new challenge come up which make us learn new thing and it a good thing because when we organize it again, we already know what we need to do. All of us hope that this event smoothly, and we also hope that will also happen again next year.


The result of turn to be a very successful event which there were a lot of attendance and everyone really enjoy the event. This festival has made Liger a more well-known school and it has help to preserve Cambodia culture and literature. Everyone receive a lot of new information and understand more about Cambodia literature and Culture. Also I hope that this event will happen again next year and continue to help preserve Cambodia Literature and Culture.

Changing Cambodia 2017-2018


From year to year, the skills have developed, the work has gotten harder and harder, the focus has been set. The passion has been discovered and looking forward to developing.

The education and the skill that has developed is being spread around Cambodia. Cambodia has changed rapidly during this 21st century because Cambodia allows different organizations and school to work in the country.    

   The quality of education has been developed to the next level and the lack of  education is being solved. Cambodian people are happy in what Liger Leadership Academy does to make positive change. Throughout the year I’ve learned to be a better communicator by going out to the community to spread awareness and educate other. Also the way that I distribute the different kind of learning style is by observing which way is better for people to learn and understand faster. I’ve taught people about the White Building, the problem about Rabies and the need for computer lab implementation in government school.

There is a need to educate people about the meaning of the White Building in Phnom Penh because there was a bad reputation about the building. The historical scene has been demolished but the amazing memory will never disappear. The happiness has gone and the place that everyone like is destroyed. Some residents are happy because they want to find a new home but some aren’t happy because they can’t forget the memory that were made there. The mindset of outside people was always negative about the building where they usually think that it was a place for drug, prostitution, poverty, and filth. Actually is was a place that happiness begins and a place that provided education. Our team created an event near the building to show many projects that we have done and let people remember this amazing building. We also interviewed the Liger students that were in the exploration  to see what they think about the demolishing of the building.

    Education about the White Building is important but Cambodia also face a problem about rabies. 810 people died from rabies in 2009 alone and it could be less than that if they were educated well enough about the problem.Dog population in Cambodia is one-third of the population of people and 50% of the dogs have rabies which is so scary. In order to solve this problem we need to figure out why there are a lot people that die from rabies, so we must provided education in order to help solve the problem. Also some people can’t afford to vaccinate the dog and themselves so they have a higher of having rabies. So my group works with an organization in Phnom Penh and when to Mondulkiri to do vaccination and educate people more about rabies. The result was positive where a lot of dogs got vaccinated and people understood a lot more about the problem. We also worked with Animal Rescue Cambodia to vaccinate the dogs in the village near Liger. In total we vaccinated about 170 dogs and this time our students were also vaccinated.

    The problem about rabies is important but the development of Cambodian economy is the priority. As Cambodia develops there are more investors who are  trying to invest in our country so English is needed to communicate. So my exploration figures out that we need to find a way that student can study English. So our group written a grant to Susan Mckinnon and asked them can they give us some grant to install computer lab in the two different secondary government schools. Also we recorded some videos to teach about some programs for designing and creating stuff. After finishing all the courses it will help them with their language and communication. Also I hope that it can help them in the future and help to change Cambodia.

    The projects that I’ve done so far has impact and developing my country, especially it related to education. If people receive an education, they will develop their country faster and faster because people have abilities to do things. Soon Cambodia will be a better place because most of the people have the knowledge and can communicate with the foreign investor to invest in our country. Cambodia will be a better country real soon if we work together and help to solve the problems by educating each other.


Rabies Vaccination in Phnom Penh

On the 8th of February, My exploration organizes and rabies vaccination campaign in Phnom Penh. For this campaign, it was a successful one because we vaccinated about 167 dogs and cats. For this mission, we didn’t do surgery because we are focusing on vaccination more because in Phnom Penh dog are everywhere so it better to do vaccination. This event was organized in two different pagoda where the pagoda has a lot more people that bring their dog but the second pagoda didn’t go well where so little people bring their dog. When their not a lot of people come to the event we thinking of going to one of the villager house and do the vaccination because of it closer to the villager so it easy for them to bring the dog.


Rabies Vaccination at Mondulkiri

On the 19th- 22 of January, My exploration went on a trip to Mondulkiri to do a mission about Rabie Vaccination. In that trip, our exploration does many dogs and cat vaccination for the animal we also did spay and castrated. This mission is to help the villager their to understand more about Rabies and also to do all of this for free to the villager there. This is the first that I have help animal with Rabie and also to help the villager to understand more about Rabie. For this mission, we are working with PPAWS to accomplish this goal where their a lot of people come. This is the first time that we do the project their so it very new to them but still accomplish our goal.




Change Cambodia 2016-2017

As you know when we are getting older we need to have more responsibility and this is a natural process of life. Since I’m becoming a senior student, so this year I need to cook two meals per day for myself and my apartment mates. The other things that we need to live without our residential educator and these make sense that we need to have a responsibility to prepare for our life in the future. Every year I have changed Cambodia and solved the problem that Cambodia needs help with. So today I will raise up the three explorations that I help to change Cambodia this year. So the three explorations are Iron Deficiency, Filmmaking in Government Schools and Ecosystem Services.


So the first exploration that I will explain about is  Iron Deficiency and in this exploration I helped a lot of villagers in Siem Reap with  Iron Deficiency anemia disease. This disease is a huge problem in Cambodia and they’re a solution to this problem and the solution is Lucky Iron Fish. This Ironfish helps with Anemia because it will provide us with more iron in our body. To solve this problem we made a small play about this problem and in we told the solution to this problem and why it happened. After the play, the villagers know more about this problem and we also distribute the Lucky Iron Fish to the villagers. When we distributed the Lucky Iron Fish to them they didn’t know how to use it so we showed them how to use it and we make a soup for them to see. The Lucky Iron Fish didn’t change the flavor of the soup and the good things are that it gives more iron in our soup so it makes them healthier. So this is the first thing that I help to change Cambodia. This is really good things that I have helped to change Cambodia because of this a huge problem in Cambodia that happening and we also distributed the solution to this problem. The last thing that I want to say is that I’m really happy that I have helped with Cambodia problem and distribute a solution to that.


So the second explorations that I have to change Cambodia are that Filmmaking in Government School’s exploration and in this exploration I teach government school student about filming. In this exploration, I help government school student who interested in filmmaking and there a lot of students who are interested in this filmmaking school. When we go to teach them we teach a lot of different things like about the equipment for movie,  the job in filmmaking. When we teach the jobs that we need in filmmaking we teach specifically about that job and what the role they need to do in the film crew. The role that they need to do in the film crew is important and in filming, we cannot miss any role. When we teach the students already we divided them into two separate groups and they make two different movies that written by them. The students when shooting the movie was understanding what we teach but there still some problem happening during the shoot and the film that they were created was a really good to see how they understanding from our lesson. When the movie was totally finished we submitted their movie to Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival and the movie turn out really good and we really impress to what they have created. By making the class to teach is really good because we are giving them experience what it like to film a movie and get to work in a group because at school they do not really work in a group so this a great chance for them to work together. As you know when we teach all of this skill to them they can use this in the future or maybe for the job in the future so this is giving a chance to them about thinking in the future and know more about the camera. The things are that am really happy that I get a chance to work with government school about filming because of it my interest.


    So the last explorations that I have to change Cambodia are Ecosystem Services and in this exploration we help to the community about lightning prevention play, Distributing water filter, Organic farming. Our group has a trip to Koh Rong island to do all of this activity with the community. For lightning prevention play we teach them how to prevent from lightning and what we shouldn’t do during raining. We also teach them what the solution to this problem and one of the solution is to put a lightning rod and this help to detect from the lightning rod. The second things that we help the community are to distribute water filter to each family because the water they not clean and it not good for our health so after we distribute this to them they health will be better. When we distribute the water filter one family can only get one water filter because we don’t need that much. The last things that we help the community is organic gardening and as you know that where the villager live is sandy soil so some plants can’t grow there. So our group does the research what plant can it grow there that work with the water and sandy soil. So all of this activity that I help the community am really happy about because help to change their life and Cambodia.


    In conclusion this year I help to change a lot of people live by doing a lot of activity with them. The three explorations that I help to change Cambodia this year I was really passionate because I like to help the community to the problem that they’re facing. So the last things that I want to say are that am really happy to do all of this activity with the community and help to change Cambodia.


Changing Cambodia 2015-2016

What I have change Cambodia this year are project based learning, Hidden voice, Hidden tourism, Entrepreneur ship and Games around the world. In project based learning I have teach older student than me what I my group teach to them are how recycle waste and clean water. Hidden voice exploration I have gain most the old songs and hidden song that most people didn’t know and to let other people know more about our old song to make it more popular. What I have change in Hidden tourism are let other people know more about hidden place for visit and if visitor come to visit Cambodia look for the place to visit they can look on our website. If a lot visitor come to Cambodia our tourism sector will be grow. In Entrepreneur ship exploration I have make a sauce business and in our group the age under 14 year old and we just a kids and we can start business it very good things for us to know more about starting. It model for other kids to see that they can start a business too. Game around the world I have collected most of Khmer games to let other people know more about Khmer games and our group have change about Khmer games more popular. For me it good that I have change to Cambodia every year and this year.

Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival

On 26th March 2016 we have makes a event that calls Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival that Show at Black box theater at ISPP. My movie was shown at there too and my movie call Football is My Dream is My and my group was winning the best screenplay in my team have Vitou and Chhoeu for our mentor is Rich. At the event they is a lot of people joining for the event they have two different movie section are under and older than for my group are older than 13.

My group
My group



My Movie

Cambodia Economy Book

Our group was writing the book for kids in Cambodia to read.In our group have nine people and one mentor. In our book we have a lot of sector and am one of the author of the book.In the book have Khmer and English. Liger student have been to trip to help us to research about books. In the book I have write about palm sugar and my other job to find a way that we can get the money to publish the book and find a company to print a book. One fact that I want to share is that Kompong Spue province have the most palm sugar in Cambodia.We have a guy to help us to edit the layout of the book and he from Chicago.We have give the book to Minister and Ministry of education have distribute 1000 to the government school in Cambodia.

His Excellency, Dr. Hang Chuon Naron , Minister of Education, Youth and Sport giving the book to me.
His Excellency, Dr. Hang Chuon Naron , Minister of Education, Youth and Sport giving the book to me.
Authors of the book with Staff and His Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport
Authors of the book with Staff and His Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport

Changing Cambodia 2014-2015

I think that I need to change Cambodia is education, envoriement and economy. My solution is when I get bigger I have a lot of money I will make the school that some place that don’t have the school for the environment I can make a lot of rubbish bin for the economy I will build a lot of factory and building to make the GDP grow a lot. The thing that have been chang cambodia is teaching english to a lot of people and I have been help to put the biodigester in Kompong Speu province. This year that have been change is biodigester community english and soon I will change by writing the book for the Cambodian government schools.