Math Round 2

So for this round in our math class, we’ve focused a lot in Khan Academy which we use them to learn the news subject. The new subject that we have learned are Transformation, Congruence, Similarity, Rights Triangle & Trigonometry and we also started to learn about Unit Circle but haven’t go in depth into it yet. Using Khan Academy it a unique way of learning which we can learn from watching the video or from the step that it shows how to do it. Also, it was an assignment which we need to get a level five on the subject in Khan Academy to get 20 points for the Activities. At the end of this round, we have a test which includes all the subject that we have learned this round and it a very interesting way to learn by digital.


S’more Lab

On the 6th of December, we did a lab which related to making s’more and this lab we allowed to eat the more that we made. Before we did this lab we studied how to learn to balance equation, limiting and excess reactant and experimental and theoretical yield also for this lab we also need to balance the equation for making the cookies. The definition of limiting reactant is the reactant that uses in an experiment and the leftover reactant is call excess reactant. In the lab, we also require to find the percent yield which we need to take the experimental yield divided by theoretical yield then multiply by 100% which we will get the percent yield and for the lab the percent yield was 100%.