Skateboard Project

I have work on a project that making skateboard. It took me to made it about 4-5 weeks the skate board and my skateboard was design different from other skateboard. The skateboard that I make the painting was Barcelona logo and am the one that trace the picture and my friend Venghour help to paint the picture. I was making two skateboard one for my younger brother and it Real Madrid logo and other one is my skateboard. I learn how to ride skate board from Jan he is my teacher and for the first I don’t know how to ride but now I can ride it so fun.





Changing Cambodia 2015-2016

What I have change Cambodia this year are project based learning, Hidden voice, Hidden tourism, Entrepreneur ship and Games around the world. In project based learning I have teach older student than me what I my group teach to them are how recycle waste and clean water. Hidden voice exploration I have gain most the old songs and hidden song that most people didn’t know and to let other people know more about our old song to make it more popular. What I have change in Hidden tourism are let other people know more about hidden place for visit and if visitor come to visit Cambodia look for the place to visit they can look on our website. If a lot visitor come to Cambodia our tourism sector will be grow. In Entrepreneur ship exploration I have make a sauce business and in our group the age under 14 year old and we just a kids and we can start business it very good things for us to know more about starting. It model for other kids to see that they can start a business too. Game around the world I have collected most of Khmer games to let other people know more about Khmer games and our group have change about Khmer games more popular. For me it good that I have change to Cambodia every year and this year.