Football Goalkeeper Training

On weekend I have a coaching class where I teach 4 students who are the goalkeeper.  I have taught them over one year already and I can see their skill is improving. I mostly taught the situation in the game like crossing and corner kick. The four goalkeeper are from the Junior team and when there a game it hard for me to choose one goalkeeper because all of them are equal. By teaching them is a thing that Liger want use to do like stewardship. I said stewardship because I learn this skills from other and I share to other also there are Junior so I need be role module for them.


Change Cambodia 2016-2017

As you know when we are getting older we need to have more responsibility and this is a natural process of life. Since I’m becoming a senior student, so this year I need to cook two meals per day for myself and my apartment mates. The other things that we need to live without our residential educator and these make sense that we need to have a responsibility to prepare for our life in the future. Every year I have changed Cambodia and solved the problem that Cambodia needs help with. So today I will raise up the three explorations that I help to change Cambodia this year. So the three explorations are Iron Deficiency, Filmmaking in Government Schools and Ecosystem Services.


So the first exploration that I will explain about is  Iron Deficiency and in this exploration I helped a lot of villagers in Siem Reap with  Iron Deficiency anemia disease. This disease is a huge problem in Cambodia and they’re a solution to this problem and the solution is Lucky Iron Fish. This Ironfish helps with Anemia because it will provide us with more iron in our body. To solve this problem we made a small play about this problem and in we told the solution to this problem and why it happened. After the play, the villagers know more about this problem and we also distribute the Lucky Iron Fish to the villagers. When we distributed the Lucky Iron Fish to them they didn’t know how to use it so we showed them how to use it and we make a soup for them to see. The Lucky Iron Fish didn’t change the flavor of the soup and the good things are that it gives more iron in our soup so it makes them healthier. So this is the first thing that I help to change Cambodia. This is really good things that I have helped to change Cambodia because of this a huge problem in Cambodia that happening and we also distributed the solution to this problem. The last thing that I want to say is that I’m really happy that I have helped with Cambodia problem and distribute a solution to that.


So the second explorations that I have to change Cambodia are that Filmmaking in Government School’s exploration and in this exploration I teach government school student about filming. In this exploration, I help government school student who interested in filmmaking and there a lot of students who are interested in this filmmaking school. When we go to teach them we teach a lot of different things like about the equipment for movie,  the job in filmmaking. When we teach the jobs that we need in filmmaking we teach specifically about that job and what the role they need to do in the film crew. The role that they need to do in the film crew is important and in filming, we cannot miss any role. When we teach the students already we divided them into two separate groups and they make two different movies that written by them. The students when shooting the movie was understanding what we teach but there still some problem happening during the shoot and the film that they were created was a really good to see how they understanding from our lesson. When the movie was totally finished we submitted their movie to Phnom Penh Youth Film Festival and the movie turn out really good and we really impress to what they have created. By making the class to teach is really good because we are giving them experience what it like to film a movie and get to work in a group because at school they do not really work in a group so this a great chance for them to work together. As you know when we teach all of this skill to them they can use this in the future or maybe for the job in the future so this is giving a chance to them about thinking in the future and know more about the camera. The things are that am really happy that I get a chance to work with government school about filming because of it my interest.


    So the last explorations that I have to change Cambodia are Ecosystem Services and in this exploration we help to the community about lightning prevention play, Distributing water filter, Organic farming. Our group has a trip to Koh Rong island to do all of this activity with the community. For lightning prevention play we teach them how to prevent from lightning and what we shouldn’t do during raining. We also teach them what the solution to this problem and one of the solution is to put a lightning rod and this help to detect from the lightning rod. The second things that we help the community are to distribute water filter to each family because the water they not clean and it not good for our health so after we distribute this to them they health will be better. When we distribute the water filter one family can only get one water filter because we don’t need that much. The last things that we help the community is organic gardening and as you know that where the villager live is sandy soil so some plants can’t grow there. So our group does the research what plant can it grow there that work with the water and sandy soil. So all of this activity that I help the community am really happy about because help to change their life and Cambodia.


    In conclusion this year I help to change a lot of people live by doing a lot of activity with them. The three explorations that I help to change Cambodia this year I was really passionate because I like to help the community to the problem that they’re facing. So the last things that I want to say are that am really happy to do all of this activity with the community and help to change Cambodia.


Narrative Essay

So the last class for the essential is Literacy which is from 11 am to 12 pm. Also in this class, we are studying with a new teacher. We have a lot of new subjects based on writing. We have done many projects and one of them is Narrative Essay which we write our personal story and for me, I write about my future.  This class teaches me a lot how to be a better writer and also to reflect back to our past. 


In my third block of essential is Khmer which is from 10 am to 11 am. In Khmer class, we learn a lot of new subjects and now we based on research. We also have done a lot project and now we are planning to do a deep research on any topics. The skills that we learn from this class will apply to our future.

Incline Lab

My another essential is Physics which after math. This year we study with a new teacher and we have covered many lessons already.  We have a learn a lot new course and now we mostly focus on the incline. We have done a lab that connects to incline where we try to find the angle that the object starts sliding. The object is paper clip box and the surface is sandpaper. For the surface, we use sandpaper from the smoothes to the roughest. 


So in the morning, I have one hour of math class and it from 8am to 9 am.  My math grade is 7B and we our class arrive the middle of the book. Now we are learning about trapezoid. The new subject that I have done is not really hard and am doing really good on it. Trapezoid has a different equation than other shape and it kind of interesting. I have done many problems already that not just base on the trapezoid. 


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Meta House Event

On August the 30 of 2017, I attended Meta House event, an event that shows about the White Building that hosted by Meta House. At the event, I get to watch many videos that connect to the building and learn more about the building. The event only lasted a couple of hours and my whole white building exploration joins the event. This experience teaches me more about Cambodia architecture and the building and also to see how good building that design by Cambodia architect.

Speech and Debate

On August the 14 of 2017, I started my new expertise that calls the speech and debate, an expertise that leads by Cara. In this expertise, I was taught how to make a better speech and a better debate, and I have many chances to practice debating. This expertise lasted 7 weeks and we have done many debates on various topics. This experience teaches me how to be a better debater and a better speech.

Practice SAT

On the 14 of August 2017, I took a practice SAT, which all 50 senior students did it. At the test I need to take four different categories, the four categories are Reading, Writing and Language, Math (No Calculator) and Math (With Calculator). The test lasted 4 hours and every taking it independently and also cannot ask the teacher. The experience will help me to understand more about the test and what I need to work on more.

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White Building exploration

On August the 14 of 2017, I started my new exploration that calls the White Building, and this exploration led by Jeff. In the exploration I learn the history of the building and look at people perspective on the building, also we need to do many projects that connect to the building. This exploration lasted seven weeks, and a team of nine people. For our group, we have accomplished a lot of projects and am mostly a part of most of the project and I have made one video that shows the students perspective on the building also what they learn. This exploration teaches me a lot of things that I should know about development and one of it that development is not always good because everything has pros and cons.