Football Goalkeeper Training

On weekend I have a coaching class where I teach 4 students who are the goalkeeper.  I have taught them over one year already and I can see their skill is improving. I mostly taught the situation in the game like crossing and corner kick. The four goalkeeper are from the Junior team and when there a game it hard for me to choose one goalkeeper because all of them are equal. By teaching them is a thing that Liger want use to do like stewardship. I said stewardship because I learn this skills from other and I share to other also there are Junior so I need be role module for them.


Goalkeeper training on the weekend with Meng Houth and Panharith

On weekend mostly I train goalkeeping with my two friend. The friend that teach me one of them is a goalkeeper and other one is a defender. When I train copy the style that England goalkeeper training and train like them both of them train me really good. Now my skill of goalkeeper is changing from scratch to a person that know how to do goalkeeper. I forget to tell you that before I was a defender but I change my mind to do goalkeeper because now my height is growing a lot and my height is good enough to do goalkeeper.

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Skateboard Project

I have work on a project that making skateboard. It took me to made it about 4-5 weeks the skate board and my skateboard was design different from other skateboard. The skateboard that I make the painting was Barcelona logo and am the one that trace the picture and my friend Venghour help to paint the picture. I was making two skateboard one for my younger brother and it Real Madrid logo and other one is my skateboard. I learn how to ride skate board from Jan he is my teacher and for the first I don’t know how to ride but now I can ride it so fun.