Khmer Literature and Culture Festival

Khmer Literature and Culture Festival is a new festival that is being organized by Liger student.  The event is happening on the 24th of May, 2019 and it will be held at Liger Campus. This festival will act as a medium to bring together people from various places: schools, NGOs, universities and so on, to connect and interact and ultimately preserve Cambodian literature and culture. Within this event, we aim to spread awareness and exchange ideas relating to social issues such as gender equity, climate change, women in STEM, and lastly to empower other youth to take on leadership roles through various activities offered by our students.


The student has put a lot of effort in organizing this event, both cohorts of Liger student is involving in organizing it but the senior spend more time organizing the event. Also, we have a committee which that team spends a lot more time than others in organizing the event. The other student mostly focuses on presenting the booth and other activities like poem competition.


The committee team includes 7 people from the first cohort of Liger. We have met regularly to do all the planning, giving work to other students, contacting people, schedule and budget. The committee spends a lot of time working on the budget in planning out the money that needs for the event. Also, the committee and other student help to find a sponsor for the event, which to help reduce Liger budget for the event and our team did it, we get a sponsor from US Embassy, The Plantation Hotel, and Soursdey Cambodia.


There will be a lot of activity happening that day like performance which will be a showcase of many performances including Khmer Dance, Cambodia Fashion Revolution and educational performance. Also, there will be competition for a short story, poem and especially we will have special guest which they will be talking about several topics related to Khmer Literature and others. The special guests are well known Cambodian author, Literature teacher and Literature activist.

Throughout in organizing this event, everyone learns a lot of new things especially the committee team, the team a lot in managing the budget and all those small details of organizing an event. Each step in organizing the event new challenge come up which make us learn new thing and it a good thing because when we organize it again, we already know what we need to do. All of us hope that this event smoothly, and we also hope that will also happen again next year.


The result of turn to be a very successful event which there were a lot of attendance and everyone really enjoy the event. This festival has made Liger a more well-known school and it has help to preserve Cambodia culture and literature. Everyone receive a lot of new information and understand more about Cambodia literature and Culture. Also I hope that this event will happen again next year and continue to help preserve Cambodia Literature and Culture.

Phone Photography Skill

This year my photography skill has been developing rapidly, I’ve taken a lot of lesson on it and also get to practice a lot. By practicing those skill I use my phone to do it and I have learn that we don’t need expensive gear to take a good photo. Here is some example of the work I’ve done!!!!

Online Learning

For this round, I started to find online courses to extend my skill in Media. I’ve checked out many online courses but most of them are not free but one of them that I know of that is free is Coursera. I’ve written a financial aid letter to them asking for a free course in Photography and finally, I get to learn for free.  The course will last for 4 weeks and it about 4-5 hour per week. This is really exciting because it my first time taking online courses and also to learn about photography.


Filming Opportunity in Battambang

On the 25th of March, My team was leaving to Battambang for a music video shoot. For my team, we have 4 members including me where we have a mission to plan and shoot some shot for an organization there. The organization that we are shooting is PHAR PONLEU SELPAK by the way we are also working with Human Agency company to shoot the music video. How we got this opportunity is by one of the members of the company visited our school and want to work with us. This mission is a week where our team needs to plan for the shoot and also shoot some scene. This mission went really well where we did our job and also learn a lot of things related to film. This is a really important mission for me because it my interest and it can help me to get into university.



Football Goalkeeper Training

On weekend I have a coaching class where I teach 4 students who are the goalkeeper.  I have taught them over one year already and I can see their skill is improving. I mostly taught the situation in the game like crossing and corner kick. The four goalkeeper are from the Junior team and when there a game it hard for me to choose one goalkeeper because all of them are equal. By teaching them is a thing that Liger want use to do like stewardship. I said stewardship because I learn this skills from other and I share to other also there are Junior so I need be role module for them.


Practice SAT

On the 14 of August 2017, I took a practice SAT, which all 50 senior students did it. At the test I need to take four different categories, the four categories are Reading, Writing and Language, Math (No Calculator) and Math (With Calculator). The test lasted 4 hours and every taking it independently and also cannot ask the teacher. The experience will help me to understand more about the test and what I need to work on more.

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Photoshoot with Liger boy football team

So we just got a new Liger sport jersey so I have an idea of shooting photo with Liger boy football team and show it at assembly. I spend a lot of time to shoot photo and and I have to select the first eleven player and the top five player for other photo. The photo-shoot with the boy when really well and we have take a lot of good photo. For the photo-shoot we take it at our sport court and inside the studio and our studio is our bedroom we take the bed away and take the photo.









Goalkeeper training on the weekend with Meng Houth and Panharith

On weekend mostly I train goalkeeping with my two friend. The friend that teach me one of them is a goalkeeper and other one is a defender. When I train copy the style that England goalkeeper training and train like them both of them train me really good. Now my skill of goalkeeper is changing from scratch to a person that know how to do goalkeeper. I forget to tell you that before I was a defender but I change my mind to do goalkeeper because now my height is growing a lot and my height is good enough to do goalkeeper.

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