Online Learning

For this round, I started to find online courses to extend my skill in Media. I’ve checked out many online courses but most of them are not free but one of them that I know of that is free is Coursera. I’ve written a financial aid letter to them asking for a free course in Photography and finally, I get to learn for free.  The course will last for 4 weeks and it about 4-5 hour per week. This is really exciting because it my first time taking online courses and also to learn about photography.


Speech and Debate

On August the 14 of 2017, I started my new expertise that calls the speech and debate, an expertise that leads by Cara. In this expertise, I was taught how to make a better speech and a better debate, and I have many chances to practice debating. This expertise lasted 7 weeks and we have done many debates on various topics. This experience teaches me how to be a better debater and a better speech.