Writing story to educate peer- Traveling Theater

For this exploration, we will go down to many provinces and perform educational movie to them.  So for this round, we start to write the story which we are going to act for villager in the province.  So for my team, we wrote a story about peer which they’re having conflict with each other.


Scene 1

A and B is chilling at a coffee shop or somewhere

B is on her phone scrolling through facebook…she found C randomly and playfully show it to A

A would jokingly say random stuff about it


Later that night, B adds friend request to C

C accepted, and they start chatting (B starts first)


A few weeks later, C asked B out

Later, B introduced C to A

Now, A knows C

A and B sat down in a coffee and start ordering drinks

A: Can I have cappuccino, please

B: I’ll have latte


A: Oh my god, I couldn’t understand today’s lesson at all

B: Yeah me too, I mean like how much of those we’ll be using in real life ugh

A: But still, stay in school

B: yeah I know, I know madam


The waiter: Here are your drinks, miss!


A, B: Thank you

They don’t talk for a moment, busy scrolling through their phones

Something caught a surprise in B while scrolling through Facebook

B: Oh my god, look! Look at this guy..!

A: Jesus, this is so you…yeah I mean he’s kinda hot

B: I know right!!!

A: Hey, by the way, you want to come over to my home on Friday? I’m cooking a big meal and we can review our lessons for Monday’s test.

B: Sounds good, be there!

A few moments later

A: Alright, I think we gotta go home, it’s getting dark

B: ok ok



B adds friend request to C

C instantly accepts

Later on that night, they keep texting and texting and texting…

*the chatting*

B: Hi

C: Hi 🙂

B: How are you?

C: I’m good, and you?

B: Pretty good, thanks

C: Do you go to Royal University?

B: Um no, a different one

C: Oh so, we’re not in the same neighborhood

C: Should we meet up?

B: I guess so when will work for you?

C: This week’s Friday? I’ll wait for you at the central park

B: Sure, see ya

C: Alright 😉


Scene 2

C is waiting for B at the park

C: Oh hey hi

B: Hello

C: So, where do you want to go?

B: I don’t know, up to you

C: Ok, how about that restaurant right by that corner?

B: Alright, let’s go


They walk toward the restaurant, find a seat, and start ordering

B: You been here right?

C: Yes, many times with my friends

B: So, I guess you should order the food, I have no preference

C: Nice, alright

Food then arrived

They then start having some conversation

C: So, which school do you go to?

B: Phnom Penh university

C: Umm that school

C: So, are you a single child?

B: I have a little sister

C: Any best friends?

B: Yeah I have one, Her name is A, she’s really nice

C: How long have you know her?

B: I don’t know like forever…

B: I can introduce you to her soon

C: ok cool, how’s the food

B: oh yeah fantastic

C: You know we can go out more often

B: yeah of course

Some laughter then the eating scene ends

Light off, B would walk across the stage holding phone chatting with C

Lights off, B and C hug each other

Lights off, then B and C are sitting to each other talking

While they were talking:


B starts to get more and more obsessed with C

A’s mom dies, B did not go to A’s mom funeral and is not there to comfort her

B starts skipping school…losing touch with A


Scene 3

A runs into C doing his drug dealing

A is walking quietly to get closer, she drops her phone, and C noticed

C abruptly comes toward A and C ask what are you doing here?

Then he says a few threatening sentences

Then C pulls out a knife and threatens A

A then leaves in shook and can’t get it off her mind and keep thinking about B

A is worried about B involving C problem


Scene 4

A wants to confront B what she has seen but B is mad at A

B and A friendship start to separate more and more as B is obsessed with C


Scene 5

A and B have this hard talk with each other

Over time, B starts to know the erratic behavior of C and knows the secret

B talk to C and said that we should break up because it seems like that it will work for us

C doesn’t care about all of this and continue to live his happy life

B Start regretting  to what she has done wrong because she doesn’t listen to what A has told her

Scene 6

B comes back to A for the misunderstanding

A genuinely accept her and that’s the end

C finally arrested and end up in jail for many years

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