Poetry Slam Event- Liger Literacy Leadership Team

For this year there is one class in the literacy class that different from other and there is a reason behind. The literacy class that is different call the Liger Literacy Leadership team which we are trying ways to get people inspired in literature especially for Liger students. This class will also teach us how to a leader in class and taking control in a group more. So for this round, we create an event which nearly whole school attended and it calls the poetry slam. The event allowed to share their poem that has written and it about a book that we have reads which call The Rent Collector.  This book has inspired me and my other classmate a lot and we also show a documentary about the place that book token. I also wrote a poem which is about Sang Ly life, the character in the book.

Title: The River of Victory

Drag my head and my lifeless body back home

Find your purpose in life

If I falter it is only because I don’t want to make a mistake

Quit crying now Sang Ly

Patience is the best way for every trouble

Do you say this because not all our stories end happily

Book is the love for you

Knowledge is like the mountain that it been waiting for you

Trash truck is the Magic and Life

Trash is just like dream and hope

Trash is a way to survive

Struggle tear is coming out everyday

Our home is so dirty and dangerous

But I still need to stay to survive and pay the rent.

This is Sang Ly live………



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